Museum of history

The actual museum of history was opened for public in september 1986 in the building of the former "Justice Palace", whose construction begun with money obtained, according to documents from that period, on february 23-th, 1901, and the neoclassical style construction was finished the following year. After 1918 a new floor was added.

At this location is the museum's main exhibition, where the visitor is told about the history of the romanian people from the paleolithic age until 1918.

There is material and spiritual evidence of the got-dacian population existence, ceramics and neolithic figurines, thassien and macedonean silver coins thesaurus from the second and the first century B.C. from Caprioru, dacian coins thesaurus from Adanca, ornament objects and so on. The emergence and development of the romanian feudal states are marked out, a short incursion on the creation of the romanian feudal state Tara Romaneasca is attained, then it continues with Targoviste being chosen the waivodal residence by Mircea cel Batran.

The space reserved for rulers Neagoe Basarab, Petru Cercel, Mihai Viteazul, Matei Basarab, Constantin Brancoveanu is ilustrated with decorative art objects, Brancoveanu fresco, old books, tipographic ornaments, engraved woods, lapidary from the Potlogi Palace, which demonstrates the effort made by the waivodes for the development of the medieval culture.

An entire chamber is reserved to the revolution lead by Tudor Vladimirescu, where documents, arms, uniforms, plastic art can be seen.

The section that speaks of the romanian people efforts to unite the romanian principalities under Al. I. Cuza offers the visitor not only documents, but also personal objects, which belonged to the ruler. Another monument from the history of the romanian people, the independence war, is represented by original documents, arms, military uniforms, heraldic trappings and so on. For the Great Union the exhibit offers the visitor the map of the united Romania, along with other historical testimonies.

The interior of the history museum

The museum's lobby and the big hall on the ground floor offers the visitor temporary exhibits occasioned by the celebration of some important monuments in the history of the Targoviste City, photographic art exhibits, icons and so on.

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