The atelier-house “Vasile Blendea” was located, before the revolution, on Arsenal street, at number 6. The house was a modest building constructed in the end of the XIX-th century, near The Metropolitan Church.

Vasile Blendea

Vasile Blendea (1895 - 1988)

Born on november the 5-th, 1895, in Gureni-Petisani village, Gorj County, Vasile Blendea graduated The School of Beautiful Arts from Bucharest. He benefitted from a scholarship at The Romanian School from Fontenay-aux-Roses (1928). He travelled a lot in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where he perfected his art. Between 1930-1952 he was a drawing teacher at the “Ienachita Vacarescu” hischool and other schools in Targoviste.

Today the “Vasile Blendea” collection is hosted by the Angela Georgescu house, an old house, a monument of romanian architecture from the end of the XVIII-th century. The house was renewed in 2000.

The collection contains a small part of the sculpture and monumental sculpture, painting or drawing works that defined artist's personality. He managed to carve many heroes of the national culture and history: Nicolae Balcesu (1950), Matei Basarab, (1956), Aurel Vlaicu (1960), Ion Neculce (1963), I. Al. Bratescu - Voinesti (1965), Vlad Tepes (1966), Mesterul Manole (1971), Nicolae Iorga (1973) and so on.

As a painter Vasile Blendea shows an intense sensibility and artistic subtlety. We look over some of his Targoviste related paintings: “The belfry from the Princely Court” (1933 and 1937), “Targoviste under snow” (1937), “The Dr. Marinoiu Street” (1946), “Sf. Ionica church” (1945), “Entrance at The Princely Court” (1949). He also did some dead nature paintings: “Lobsters” (1947), “Apples and dishes” (1953) or characters belonging to “the world beneath the waters”: a wood chopper, frosen teamsters, a begger, an orphan, a fiddler and many other humble characters that also appear in Vasile Blendea's drawings: “Ion with the basket”, “At the mill” - 1947, “Old man Bratu” - 1961 and so on.

Stelea church's belfry - 1948

Complex and extremely varied as a plastic representation, Vasile Blendea's creation shows, at the same time, a deep sensibility, emerging from a historical reality and a cultural destiny.

This existential space was decisive for his entire creation, that includes an impressive collection of works. A good part of his works will be donated to the city.
This retrospect constitutes a prelude to the permanent Vasile Blendea exhibit, that will be hosted by one of the exceptional architectural monuments – the Angela Georgescu house – thus retrieving an important dowry of the cultural, local and national patrimony.

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